Directed by Peter Edlund

Production Megan Leonard, Visual Production
Coproduction Sevana Films
Fiction – 13 min – 2019
In pre-production

A young referee struggles to maintain control of
the second grade girls basketball semifinals.


Directed by Rosanagh Griffiths

Fiction – 13 min – 2019
In post-production

Cindy’s first drag performance isn’t exactly a success;
when a filmed wardrobe malfunction unexpectedly
goes viral she is forced to face the reactions of her families
– the one she’s born into, and the one she’s chosen.


Directed by Joanna Tabet

Fiction – 15 min – 2019
In development

Camille and Nina are getting the family country house
ready for their mother’s  birthday  party  taking  place
later  that  evening. However,  the preparations aren’t
going according to plan.


Directed by Matt Davies     

Fiction – 10 min – 2019
In development

Burhan teaches his daughter Aya to tread water.
A lesson that will last long in the memory…