CINDY, directed by Rosanagh Griffiths
Short Film – Fiction – 13 min – 2020

Cindy’s first drag performance isn’t exactly a success; when a filmed wardrobe malfunction unexpectedly goes viral she is forced to face the reactions of her families; the one she’s born into, and the one she’s chosen.


  • Iris Prize LGBT+ Film Festival – Best British Short supported by Film4 (14th edition) – Cardiff, Wales
  • Melbourne Queer International Film Festival (30th edition) – Melbourne, Australia
  • Inside OUT LGBT Film Festival (30th edition) – Toronto, Canada
  • Women Make Waves Film Festival (27th edition) – Tapei City, Taiwan
  • Reeling: The Chicago LGBTQ+ International Film Festival (38th edition) – Chicago, USA
  • Scottish Queer International Film Festival – Glasgow, Scotland
  • Festival Chéries-Chéris (26th edition) – Paris, France
  • Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest – London, UK

THE REF, directed by Peter Edlund
Short Film – Fiction – 13 min – 2020

A young referee struggles to maintain control of the second grade basketball semifinals.

FENUA AIHERE : THE HEART OF TAHITI, directed by Thomas Delorme – Broadcast on France Ô (France Télévisions Group)
Feature documentary – 52 min – 2019

In Tahiti, there’s a coast called Fenua Aihere where no road exists. It’s the last haven of Polynesian legends and the last area where you can witness the way of life of Tahitians who haven’t yielded to modernity. Between old legends and recent discoveries, we dive into the heart of a timeless land.


Short Film – Fiction – 18 min – 2021

A little girl, Samantha, has metaphysical questions when her hamster dies. Faced with these questions and too vague answers from her parents, she conducts experiments for better and for worse.

BIRTHDAY, directed by Lara Zeidan
Feature Film – Fiction – 90 min – 2021

In a politically unstable Beirut, the mundane meets theunexpected on the eve of a young girl’s 14th birthday.

* Selected to the Mediterranean Film Institute’s development programme (MFI Script 2 Film Workshops), 2020

* Selected to Thessaloniki Film Festival’s Crossroads Co-Production Forum, 2020 and Winner of the CNC’s Development Award

THE IMPERIAL, directed by Michelle Williams Gamaker
Coproduction with Somebody Nobody Production
Feature Film – Fiction – 90 min – 2022

London, 1989. Ten-year-old Ruby Jayawardene spends her summer in the four-star Imperial Hotel, where her mother is the executive housekeeper.

VAHINE WHAIWHAI, directed by Thomas Delorme
Coproduction with Dude Presse and YN Productions
Documentary – 4x52min – 2022

Follow the stories of six women in the Polynesian Triangle – Polynesia, Easter Island, Hawaï and New Zealand – who have dedicated their lives to saving our Oceans.

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